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Revolutionizing Humanitarian Impact through a Dynamic and Transforming E Voucher System for NGOs, Empowering Positive Change Worldwide with Innovation.


Connecting Communities, Empowering Lives

In a world where timely and effective assistance can make a life-changing difference, Givy E Voucher System App stands as a beacon of hope.
Designed to revolutionize aid delivery and empower vulnerable beneficiaries, Givy App redefines how we respond to emergencies and support local communities.

  • Transparency and Accountability: Ensure transparency in your response program with conditional cash assistance track remaining item quantities and implement robust accountability mechanisms.
  • Enhanced Supplier Capacity: Empower local suppliers by involving them in the assistance delivery process. Givy App boosts their capacity to efficiently serve vulnerable households even in emergency situations
  • Real-time Balance Check: Beneficiaries can easily check their voucher balance and redeem it using a secure public URL providing convenience and privacy.
  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics: Access dynamic reports that provide essential insights into voucher usage supplier performance beneficiary engagement and more. Make informed decisions and optimise your program's effectiveness.
Efficient and User-Friendly
Efficient and User-Friendly

Experience the perfect blend of usability and effectiveness for streamlined aid delivery. Navigate with ease, empowering you to deliver assistance seamlessly.

Multi-Lingual Preface
Multi-Lingual Preface

Eliminate linguistic obstacles for a truly connected aid experience. Embrace a world without language barriers with Givy's multilingual interfaces in Arabic, Turkish and English.

Offline Support
Offline Support

Unleash boundless productivity with Givy offline functionality and local storage capacity. Effortlessly sync your data upon reconnecting, optimising efficiency and ensuring uninterrupted aid distribution.

Security and Data Protection
Security and Data Protection

Givy adheres to the stringent GDPR guidelines, guaranteeing robust data protection for end users. Your valuable information is safeguarded with the utmost care, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

How It Works?

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Your Trusted Partner for Assistance at Fingertips

A cutting-edge mobile app that is transforming the way aid programmes are provided.
With Givy, Non Government organisations and humanitarian organisations can quickly issue e vouchers, empowering recipients and
easing the redemption procedure, all from the comfort of a mobile device.

How it works?

Secure Mobile Access: Authorized users securely log in, ensuring transaction confidence and beneficiary data privacy.

Hassle-Free NFC Transactions: NFC technology simplifies transactions, eliminating physical vouchers. Givy securely reads encrypted PIN numbers from beneficiaries’ NFC cards.

Real-Time Validation and Balance Checks: Instant verification of NFC cards ensures program legitimacy. Users can check balances in-app for better budgeting.

Hundreds of Organisations: Millions of Life

Let's Transform Lives Together: Uniting Non Government Organizations for Lasting Impact and Empowerment!

Efficient Household Needs Assessment

Streamline Household Needs Assessment associated with your NGO with Dynamic Data Collection, Automated Scoring, and AI-Powered Chatbots

Witness the Phenomenal Success of Givy

Immerse yourself in the trailblazing success of Givy, the catalyst behind empowered aid programs and transformative change. Experience the profound impact of Givy's cutting-edge e voucher system today.

Register with Givy
Register with Givy

Experience the seamless and intuitive interface of Givy as you revolutionize the way aid is delivered. Create your Givy account today and become a driving force in creating positive change for those in need.

Technology Unleashed for NGOs
Technology Unleashed for NGOs

Step into the world of Technology unveils the cutting-edge features and advancements that propel Givy ahead in the industry.

Revolutionize Household Assessments and Voucher Distribution

Effortlessly evaluate household needs and distribute vouchers with our cutting-edge system. Dynamic forms, automated scoring, and custom reports streamline the process. Transform assessments into AI chatbots, eliminating paper forms and field officers. Experience efficiency, adaptability, and environmental impact reduction in one click!

  • Dynamic Data Collection: Unlimited questions with data validation and no extra tools.
  • Automated Scoring: Quick calculations based on location along with household size and gender.
  • Efficient Distribution Lists: Tailored vouchers with a single click.
  • AI-Powered Chatbots: Interactive multilingual data collection without field officers or paper forms.
  • Dynamic Reporting: Custom reports for easy analysis and visualization
Beneficiaries Served


Beneficiaries Served

E Vouchers Redeemed


E Vouchers Redeemed

Funds Disbursed


Funds Disbursed

Simplifying Aid Programs with User-Friendly Innovation

Givy, the epitome of user-friendly excellence in the realm of aid programs. Discover the perfect harmony between simplicity and impact with Givy's user-friendly innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions for E voucher system for NGOs

Looking for answers about the E voucher system for NGOs? Explore our FAQs.

Once a project is completed, the data stored in the Givy App is treated with the utmost care and in compliance with the data protection policy, including GDPR regulations. Our system ensures that project data is securely managed and protected throughout its lifecycle. It is recommended to review these policies to understand how the system manages and handles project data, including any procedures for data deletion, storage, or anonymization.

Absolutely! The Givy App is designed with multilingual interfaces to cater to a diverse user base. We understand the importance of breaking language barriers and ensuring seamless communication. That’s why our app offers interfaces in both Arabic and English languages, empowering users to interact with the app effortlessly and effectively.

QR codes are visual codes that can be scanned using a camera or barcode scanner, while NFC (Near Field Communication) allows for contactless communication between devices in close proximity.

With its offline support feature, the system allows users to access and use the application even without an internet connection. For instance, suppliers can continue recording transactions and gathering beneficiary data offline. Once online, the system automatically synchronise the offline data, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

ICS is committed to providing exceptional support to our clients throughout their journey with the e-voucher system. Our dedicated support team is available to address any questions, concerns, or technical issues that clients may encounter. We offer comprehensive training and onboarding sessions to ensure clients are well-equipped to utilise the system’s features effectively.

The e-voucher system incorporates cutting-edge chatbot technology to strengthen accountability in aid delivery. By utilising the chatbot, the system ensures that all interactions with beneficiaries and suppliers are well-documented and transparent. The chatbot serves as a reliable and consistent guide throughout the process, collecting accurate information and recording transaction details.

The Top-Up process involves creating and updating top-up requests at the briefcase level. It includes specifying the start and end dates, round numbers, and determining the beneficiaries’ groups eligible for the top-up. The approval cycle for Top-Ups typically follows a dynamic workflow where draft top-ups are reviewed and approved by designated project managers or officers before they are implemented. This ensures proper oversight and control over the allocation of resources.

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